Monday, November 2, 2009

How it all got started - Day before Inauguration

How it all got started - Day before Inauguration

Friends and Colleagues,

“The Steady Drip” has turned into a flash flood!

Because of a hunger in the public for “carefully vetted” topics of the day, we have become a significant presence on the Internet. Quote from our title page: “Carefully vetted news, articles and essays! Media won't report the facts - We must! - Please share!” Up until now, for the most part, I have been “passively” reporting news, facts, and opinions.

The contacts with other bloggers have produced a typical paradigm shift of self-organizing systems. We have begun to be organized around a common goal. The goal is a “research project” to discover what Obama doesn’t want us to know, and why he doesn’t want us to know it.

We see political leanings as a possible motivator for this project, yet we know that political motives will lead us away from the truth. We want to build the interface between logic and evidence, not make political points. The project can be likened to the kind of research project done by intelligence analysts. The expected goal of any research project is the truth.

In many cases those who are investigating Obama are given to excess of emotion, low levels of evidence before accepting the validity of a premise, and an inability to keep their research confidential. My hope is to establish a project to investigate aspects of Obama’s life in an organized, rational and confidential manner.

My circle of contacts includes lawyers, scientists, intelligence professionals, Mensa members and military veterans. That reality creates a ready made coalition of trained minds who already know how to do the kind of research I envision.

The guiding principles for the research project are the usual protocols of epistemology, scientific methodology, and rules of evidence. If you can see the need for accepting a thinking protocol, which most of you already know, than please accept this invitation to join the research project.

Assignments will be posted, and you may volunteer for any assignment you choose. Often, you will not know how your research fits into the strategy of those who will review your work in accordance with the usual “need to know” policy. The project's mutual goal is to ultimately release significant findings within standards of appropriateness, to authorities, the public, future generations, and of course the researchers. This could eventually include, where appropriate and with agreements of release, due accreditations to gratefully acknowledge your research.

By pooling our skills we can corroborate pieces of evidence and vett information that can be used to reveal the hidden facts. Please respond to me via email to sign up for the project. Give me a brief idea as to why you would be an asset, and mention any special expertise you might bring to the effort.

Investigating Obama: Career Path Toward a Neo-Marxist Presidency

Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis

Why the Barack Obama Birth Certificate Issue Is Legitimate

Obama “I have nothing to hide but I’m hiding it.”

Records that Obama and/or others refuse to release are: Original, vault copy of Certificate of Live Birth in the USA

Any INS or port of entry documentation which may have been generated in his infancy or childhood

Obama/Dunham marriage license (discovered by independent research by bloggers)

Soetoro/Dunham marriage license (discovered by independent research by bloggers)

Soetoro adoption recordsPunahou School records

Selective Service Registration (Released. But, is possibly an altered document)

Occidental College records


Columbia College records

Columbia thesis

Harvard College records

Harvard Law Review articles (None, maybe 1, not signed)

University of Chicago scholarly articles (None)

Baptism certificate

Medical records

Law practice client list,

Illinois State Senate records (None, locked up to prohibit public view)

Illinois State Senate schedule (Lost, all other Illinois state senators' records are intact)

Suspicious Involvements of Obama include:

Scrubbers, plumbers, fixers and punishers, for the Obama cause


Parents and step-father

Frank Marshall Davis

Marxist associates in New York, during college days, etc.

Numerous, consistent Marxist associations in Chicago and onward

Numerous radical Muslim associations

ACORN, Project Vote, Gamaliel, New Party, and other neo-Marxist organizations

Political and personal dealings concerning home, wife’s hospital position, Tony Rezko, banks, Giannoulias family, etc.

Raila Odinga

George Soros and associates

Various other fund raisers and bundlers

With all of Obama’s different names, with his documented long term relations to convicted criminals, with his active efforts to prohibit us from knowing where he was born, with his active efforts to keep us from seeing his credentials, with his documented registration to practice law professing to have only one name, with his being an ex-attorney not authorized to practice law, but representing himself as such, with his non-existent “Office of The President Elect,” with the dozen or so lawsuits against him to determine his citizenship status, with the various promises he made to voters and on which he has since reneged, with his documented complete lack of respect to America, with his refusal to salute the American flag with others on stage or even to stand at attention, and his other disrespectful actions, with his many millions of dollars in campaign funds suspected to be from foreign sources, with campaign donations accepted from possible terrorists groups, with one of his firs planned official acts as President to make a speech to the Muslim world in a Muslim Capitol, Obama has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can not in any way, shape or form be trusted.

Hat tip to Mark S. McGrew
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This project is completely independent and staffed by volunteer participants.

If you belong to an intelligence agency, or are a member of the Association For Intelligence Officers (AFIO,) this effort is not endorsed or sponsored by any intelligence agency or any intelligence association.

If you are a member of Mensa, this effort is not endorsed or sponsored by Mensa.

If you are a veteran of the United States Armed Forces this effort is not endorsed or sponsored by any veteran’s group.

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